Boards & Commissions

The City of Black Jack has several committees, boards and commissions that is made up of residents and a liaison councilperson. If you are interested in volunteering for any position, please contact City Hall at 314-355-0400.
  1. All City Meeting Agendas

  2. ADA Committee & Human Rights Commission

    Find out when the Americans with Disabilities Act Committee and Human Rights Commission meets.

  3. Board of Adjustment

    View when the Board of Adjustment holds their meetings.

  4. Business / Government Interaction Committee

    Look up meeting times for the Business / Government Interaction Committee.

  5. Capital Improvements Committee

    Learn about the Capital Improvements Committee.

  6. Emergency Management Committee

    Discover when the Emergency Management Committee meets.

  7. Liquor License Committee

    Access information about the Liquor License Committee.

  8. Parks & Recreation Board

    Check out the Parks and Recreation Board.

  9. Personnel Advisory Committee

    Obtain information about the Personnel Advisory Committee.

  10. Planning & Zoning Commission

    Find out about times the Planning and Zoning Commission meets.

  11. Safety & Loss Prevention

    Gain information about when Safety and Loss Prevention holds their meetings.

  12. Solid Waste Management Committee

    Look up information about the Solid Waste Management Committee.

  13. Traffic Commission

    Learn about the Traffic Commission.