Mayor McCourt will be retiring and we would like to ask the residents of the City of Black Jack to email any farewell words for his 40 years of service. 

Mayor McCourt has served as Councilman from 1983 until 1998 and Mayor from 1998 until 2023.

We will be putting together a “Souvenir Journal” where we will be including your good luck and thankful parting words.

Please submit via email to by April 10, 2023.

Refer to your 2023 Black Jack Calendar for important upcoming dates

All Black Jack residents should have received one

 City Council Meeting March 21, 2023 at 7:00 pm

The new State law has changed the types of ID that are acceptable to vote with.  


Spring 2023 Tree Limb Pick-up 
begins on Monday April 3rd in certain areas throughout Black Jack
Click here for more information

The City of Black Jack requires all residents to obtain an occupancy permit
The cost for an occupancy permit for a purchased home is $40.00 and the cost for a 
rented home is $65.00. For more information on costs for apartment rental and costs to 
update your occupancy permit call (314) 355-0400. It is illegal to live in the City without a 
valid occupancy permit and could result in court action.
Public Works-Maintenance Worker
Click Here for more information

"SMART911" Emergency Contact System comes to the 

City of Black Jack

Alerts and notifications help inform you of weather, traffic, and other emergencies in your community. Download the "Smart911" app in your mobile app store or text "Smart911" to 67283 to receive the download link via text message. Click to Join

Black Jack Municipal Court - April 13, 2023 

Court will be held In-Person at Black Jack City Hall, 12500 Old Jamestown Road and also via at 10:00 AM  

Meeting ID 187 280 6390 

Phone number to call in 1-408-418-9388

Recycling: see the attached brochures to know HOW and What can be recycled. Recycle Information        Yes and No to Recycle Materials
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