Karen Robinson

City Council
Title: Council Member, Ward 3

Karen E. Robinson, MRCC-S/CMC

City Clerk

I was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri and a North County resident for over 25 years. As a child, I longed to be a City of Black Jack resident. In 2021 that dream came true.

Married for 34 years, two married daughters and five (5) grandchildren.

I came from corporate America, but I’ve been in Municipal Government since 2001. I was the City Clerk for the City of Black Jack for 19 ½ years, from April 2002 until December 31, 2021. During my tenure, I managed the Administrative Staff for approximately five (5) years. It was an honor and a great learning experience. In December 2021, I chose to accept a position with the City of Bridgeton.

As a City Clerk, my knowledge of municipal government expanded greatly through the Missouri City Clerks and Finance Officers Association (MoCCFOA). My many years of training, education, and service afforded me the prestigious honor of being named 2020 Outstanding City Clerk for the State of Missouri.

The MoCCFOA is an organization that trains and educates municipal City Clerks and Finance Officers. This organization has multiple levels of leadership, which I’ve humbly served on as Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President and President. I’ve also chaired many of the various committees MoCCFOA has annually.

I’ve also earned various levels of certification through MoCCFOA, International Institute for Municipal Clerks and the Missouri Municipal League:

• Missouri Registered City Clerk

• Missouri Registered City Clerk- Continuing

• Missouri Registered City Clerk – Sustaining

• International Institute Municipal Clerk – Certified Municipal Clerk

• Missouri Municipal League – Certified Municipal Official


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