Building Permits

Building permits are simply for your own protection. A building permit ensures the work will be inspected by the city. The inspector may discover poor workmanship, faulty materials, deviations from approved plans, and violations of the code that may result in unsafe or hazardous conditions for you and your family.

It is a violation of city ordinances not to have a permit when the work being performed requires one to be issued. Failure to obtain the necessary permits may result in a summons for court with a fine of up to $500, plus court costs.


Generally, a building permit is required when any structural change, major alteration, or renovation is made to a structure or when any new construction is being done. Normal maintenance does not require a permit in most instances. Separate permits for plumbing, electrical and mechanical work are required, when applicable. Permits are required when:
  • Constructing, enlarging, moving, removing, or demolishing a structure
  • Repairing fire damage repairs, cutting, removing, or replacing any structural or load-bearing support (i.e. cutting away any wall or partition, or boarding up or otherwise closing an exterior wall opening)
  • Installing dropped ceilings or creating concealed spaces
  • Installing combustible wall paneling
  • Altering, replacing, or relocating any equipment which is regulated or required by code
  • Adding to, altering, replacing, or relocating any sewer, drainage, drain leader, gas, soil, waste, vent, standpipe, fire suppression, water supply or similar piping, as well as any electrical, mechanical, or other work affecting public health or general safety
Minor Work
Building permits are not required for minor work such as tuck pointing, repairing plaster, exterior painting, replacing gutters and downspouts, siding, replacing doors and windows (without changing the existing frames), repairing or replacing sidewalks and driveways within the property line, and replacing shingles / roof surface materials.

Obtaining a Permit

When trying to obtain a building permit, keep this time frame in mind:
  • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing permits require three working days
  • Building permits require ten to fourteen working days for plan review in order to verify that the proposed work is designed in compliance with the city’s building code.
Site Plans
When applying for a building permit, one copy of detailed plans must be submitted which clearly indicate what work is to be done. When applying for permits to do construction work on multi-family, commercial, or industrial buildings, all construction drawings must bear the original seal and signature of an architect or engineer registered in the state of Missouri. Also, one copy of a site plan are is required, drawn to scale, showing distances from the closest point of the new structure to all property lines and to all other structures on the property.