A sign permit must be obtained if you are erecting, repairing, altering, relocating, painting, repainting, or replacing the face of, or changing the wording of, any sign within City of Black Jack. Sign permits are also needed for displaying temporary banners in business windows.

Approval Process

Applications are reviewed and approved by the City Engineer.  After applying for and obtaining the approved sign permit, a sign can be installed.

Attached / Freestanding Signs

You must specify if the sign will be attached to the building or freestanding. If the sign will be attached, include details on how the sign will be attached. If it will be freestanding, submit site plans showing the location of the sign on the property, and state the length of the property line along the street (street frontage). Also for freestanding signs, submit structural plans which include footing details and wind load calculations to be reviewed by the City Engineer.

Types of Signs     

  A string of pennants, a flag, a search light, a banner or an inflatable used in connection with a temporary outdoor attraction announcing a grand opening, a special event or the sale of merchandise on a commercially zoned property.  Forty-five (45) day permit.  Only the City Council can grant extension.

CANOPY SIGN  Maximum 12-inch letters, 12 feet wide.

DIRECTIONAL SIGN  Identifies the entrances, exits, aisles, ramps, and similar traffic related information.

GROUND SIGN  Any sign, model, device or representation used to indicate services or products offered within the building, affixed in the ground and not attached to any part of the building and within 24” of ground.  Only one (1) ground sign per property is permitted.

INFORMATION SIGN  Identifies a residence, a non-commercial activity, including historic markers, or a sign conveying cautionary and similar information.

RESIDENTIAL/HOME OCCUPATION  Any sign located in a district zoned for residential uses that contains no commercial message except advertising for goods or services legally offered on the premises where the sign is located.

PROJECTING SIGN  Any sign affixed to a building or wall in such a manner that its leading edge extends more than twelve (12) inches beyond the surface of such building or wall.

SUBDIVISION SIGN  Intended to direct the general public to a subdivision under development, DIRECTION, INFORMATION

TEMPORARY SIGN  Approved for once a year 30 days only.

WALL SIGN  Any sign, device or representation that may be affixed to the front, side or rear wall of any building and in same area as face of the building.

WINDOW/GLASS  (ONLY 25% ALLOWED)  Any sign, picture, symbol, or combination thereof, designed to communicate information about an activity, business, commodity, event, sale or service, that is placed inside a window and is visible from the exterior of the window.


The city has a flat fee of $50 for sign permits.

Number of Signs Permitted 

Only one permanent sign is allowed, however the code will allow for a temporary attraction sign; this will include a banner, string pennants, and/or hot air balloon. The temporary attraction is allowed for a total of 45 days. For additional time the applicant must appear before City Council for approval.

For any other questions, contact Public Works Permit Clerk at  314-355-7406.