A sign permit must be obtained if you are erecting, repairing, altering, relocating, painting, repainting, or replacing the face of, or changing the wording of, any sign within City of Black Jack Commercial District. Sign permits are also needed for displaying temporary banners in business windows.

How to Apply
To apply for a sign permit, complete the application from the Department of Public Works at City Hall, 12500 Old Jamestown Road. You will need to submit an application and two copies of a sketch or shop drawing showing the location, height, and dimensions of the sign. All ground signs must be two feet above the ground.

Approval Process
Applications are reviewed by the director of Public Works, and can sometimes take up to five business days to process, so apply as early as possible. After applying for and obtaining the sign permit, a sign can be installed.

Attached / Freestanding Signs
You must specify if the sign will be attached to the building or freestanding. If the sign will be attached, include details on how the sign will be attached. If it will be freestanding, submit site plans showing the location of the sign on the property, and state the length of the property line along the street (street frontage). Also for freestanding signs, submit structural plans which include footing details and wind load calculations to be reviewed by the director of Public Works.

The city has a flat fee of $50 for sign permits.

Number of Signs Permitted
Only one permanent sign is allowed, however the code will allow for a temporary attraction sign; this will include a banner, string pennants, and/or hot air balloon. The temporary attraction is allowed for a total of 45 days. For additional time the applicant must appear before City Council for approval.

For any other questions, contact the director of Public Works at  314-355-0400, ext. 113.